Saturday, September 13, 2014

That one friend that has your back through anything! I love you!

After this weekend I’ll be surprised if I’m still clean.

I gave so much to someone who never appreciated it.

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We all been there

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yeah me when i have no fucking idea what you just said  (via crystalreed)

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a happy couple might’ve got married today 

someone might’ve kissed their best friend and realized they are gay today

someone might’ve found out they were officially cancer free today

someone might’ve finally finished their debut novel today 

lots of interesting things might’ve happening today 

we should celebrate 

you’re the kind of person everyone needs in their lives

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Isnt it amazing how beautiful people are. Like just look at anyone and study them and their features and how their lips tort and eyes glisten and how their hair falls or sticks or lays. How their eyebrows flex and the way their arms fold, how expressive their hands are. The way their body moves and how their chest rises and falls so subtley with their pulse. People are beautiful even if we dont find them attractive. The fact that they’re a living being is unbelievably magnificent.

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don’t stare at the moon too long or else you’ll remember that nothing in this stupid fucking world makes sense

If you don’t end up smiling while you are kissing someone, you are probably kissing the wrong person. (via lil-plant-princess)
Friday, September 12, 2014
Sometimes i think its my fault for being in this position. For letting people treat me the way that they did. Lovelytrainwreck (via herzmasochismus)

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Some people smoke,
others drink, and others fall in love,
each one dies from a different way.
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Remember who loved you no matter how shitty you treated them. (via maggylein)